I Survived my Operation

>> Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Well, I made it out of hospital alive, who'd have thought it? I was actually really well cared for, I can't make a single complaint which I find surprising.

I went down for the operation at about half 3 I think, all the anaesthetists were fellow iPhone users, I gave them some shit for using rubber cases then they pumped me full of something or other before poking needles into my neck to administer the nerve block. They were poking about for a while but I don't remember any pain, when they found the nerve my arm started freaking out, spasming all over the shop, it was quite funny and really interesting. I don't remember them putting me under so the next thing I remember was coming around and having some water cause my throat was pretty sore from the pipe that had been down it.

Back up in the ward I assume I was off my trolley for a bit but I felt no pain at all because the nerve blocker was in full effect, the right side of my face was numb as well as my arm which felt strange. I spent the night watching Season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm on my iPod before falling asleep. The pain kicked in at about 3am so I popped a couple Cocodamols which put me back to sleep.

Whilst waiting for my x-ray the next day I continued reading 'One More Kilometre and we're in the Showers' which is a book that I am more than happy to recommend. I was home by 3pm. Now I just sit and wait really, I'm in a sling for 6 weeks then I assume I will start the misery that is physio after that, at the moment my shoulder is still completely numb so I hope that rectifies itself!

cycle injury clavicle broken collar bone
My neck is killing, it's bruised to fuck where they were injecting the nerve blocker, look at all those damned muscles in the picture, they all hurt!

cycle injury clavicle broken collar bone
This is the area that broke, no doubt all the muscles around the clavicle will be withered and useless by the time the bone is fixed so I'm not gonna be back on the bike for ages :-(

cycle injury clavicle broken collar bone
Check out my monged face, it's usually pretty bloody funny looking but this takes the biscuit!

cycle injury clavicle broken collar bone
If laughter is the best medicine then Curb is surely the morphine of comedy.

cycle injury clavicle broken collar bone
The finished job, I already have 2 plates in my left arm, I am becoming more bionic by the day, I don't want any more no matter how cool robots are!


Anonymous 20 November 2009 at 19:20  

oh man! that hurts!send ya my best regards from mexico city!