Alleycat Update

>> Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hey guys and gals, the alleycat is just under 2 weeks away now, we've had people pre-register from Manchester, London, Leeds, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Swansea, Warminster and DUBLIN!

If you are planning on coming please pre-register so that we have an idea on numbers, everyone that pre-registers gets a slightly snazzier spoke card too!

If you are in two-minds then please know that we have well over £1500 in prizes from these guys:

Bike Food / Cantgoslo / Charlie The Bikemonger / Cyclodelic / Exist / 14 Bike Co / Halo / Hell Yeah! / Howies / Hub Jub / Hunting Lodge / JOL Straps / Knog / Prendas / Re-Cycle / Schmoos / Skullcandy / Solder Gal / Tokyo Fixed Gear / Urban Hunter / Velo Solo it is well worth coming down for.

Even if you think you don't have a chance of winning the race (does that really matter???) then there are prizes for longest skid, trackstand, footdown and hill climb as well as whatever else happens that is awesome.

The day isn't all about winning sweet product though, it's about meeting up with like minded people and having a laugh. After the riding is over we'll be heading to a secret location to watch videos and have some beer or pop.

See y'all on Oct 3rd, the checkpoints will be released next Saturday, stay tuned...<

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