Alleycat Sponsor Profile: BIKEFOOD

>> Wednesday, 9 September 2009

bikefood bike food energy supplements

From the horses mouth:
"Bikefood is an energy, re-hydration and recovery drink that has been designed and developed specifically for anyone who rides a bike and wants to perform at their very best.

The Bikefood sachets are durable and easy to carry in your kit, weighing little and taking up minimum space. All that's required is water and a bottle, making it easy to stock up for day long rides or lengthy training sessions.

If you are looking for clean, convenient and performance proven sports nutrition that is specifically designed for cycling - it's got to be Bikefood."

I'm really chuffed that Bikefood have sponsored the event cause asking them was a bit of a punt really. A few of us have been riding further and further and plan on riding to France for Le Tour next year so we certainly have an interest in all this energy stuff. We are planning on having a bottle made up at each checkpoint which will be given to whoever hits the stop last as a way of giving them a bit of a kick up the arse, haha. There are plenty of spares too for anyone that fancies trying some out. They are vegan of course!

On top of the gear they have sent down for the race day there is 20% discount on their products for people in the know. Pop over to and place your order now :-)

bikefood bike food energy supplements