Alleycat News - 12/08/09

>> Wednesday, 12 August 2009

south wales alleycat race
We've been working on the alleycat for a few days now, all the checkpoints are libraries and the name is the "Bookworm Alleycat". It is for fixed gear riders only: no geared bikes, no singlespeeds, no BMX, and no complaining about this! The date we are gunning for is Saturday 3rd October, so anyone from far away can come and not have to worry about work the next day, there will be plenty of floors for people to sleep on if they fancy a whole weekend in sunny Swansea.

No more details are gonna be released yet but stay tuned, all posts related to the race will be consolidated and easily reachable by clicking the button over there >>>

We already have some awesome sponsors donating some great prizes, more news on those soon, check out everyone that has confirmed so far:

Charlie The Bikemonger
Exist Clothing
14 Bike Co.
Hell Yeah!
Velo Solo
JOL Straps
Ison Distribution

That is all for now...