My First Puncture!

>> Saturday, 3 January 2009

I got my first puncture today, or rather, last night. Just one of the many risks when living on a council estate, broken glass everywhere! :-p

I explained the symptoms (wouldn't even inflate at all) to my buddy who is a "mountain biker" and he correctly (I think) diagnosed a SNAKE BITE PUNCTURE. I Googled it and found this link which explains the different types of punctures with handy little annotated diagrams. Scroll down half way to see the snake bite picture and explanation.

Although there was one big hole and another bit that looked like it had taken a lot of pressure but not quite popped it may have just been a simple sharp bit of glass cause there is a tiny little hole in the tyre too.

I fitted a new tube and, fingers crossed, i'll have an awesome ride tomorrow, I plan on practicing some trackstands cause I can't do them for toffee yet...

UPDATE: It was cause I didn't have any rim tape, hahahahaha! I swear I spent a million hours researching how to build a bike and never once read anything about rim tape! If you haven't got rim tape you better get some before your tyre explodes into a million pieces when you are bombing downhill through traffic and end up dead: CHECKIT.