Bike + Hill + Ice + Skid = Hospital

>> Thursday, 22 January 2009

After less than 4 full weeks riding a fixie I have already had a trip to the hospital, haha. Oh, how all those "you are mad riding without brakes" people are gonna laugh at me!!! I came out of the house yesterday with the bike and nearly slipped right on my ass, undeterred I pedalled off cause I live at the top of a hill and it's often more icy than the rest of the route into work. Because I am slightly mentally retarded I decided to take the steepest back road with the tightest bend at the end rather than the main road which would almost certainly have had grit put on it. Down the hill I shot, as slow as I could manage (not slow at all!), skids were going good then at the bottom I put in one last skid before the corner, hit some ice and went down like a sack of potatoes, strapped in, hands still on the bars and used my hip to skid myself to a stop. It all happened in slow mo just like in the films. I got up, looked at the state of my jeans, imagined the graze underneath then got back on the bike and continued to work. As expected my hip was cut to bits but I had a bigger pedal was scratched!!!

Throughout the day my wrist started to hurt more and more, the moaning increased, the pain got worse, the moaning went on and on and on. I decided it was probably just a bit of a sprain but went to the hospital the next day just to be sure, lo and behold I left in a bloody cast up to my freaking elbow! Turns out that I sprained it so badly a ligament yanked off a little bit of bone!!! Check out the x-rays below to see just how lame this injury really is, see the tiny little bit of white by the cursor? That is it, about a mm of bone and a cast up to my elbow, it sucks so bad. I've got to go back in a week for them to have a look at it again, fingers crossed they'll tell me all is well and I can ride the Critical Mass in the evening.

The moral of this story is: it's icy out there y'all so be careful!