Cycling with music - Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earphones

>> Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I've never ridden with earphones in cause it seems pretty dangerous if you wear both and can't hear traffic, a lot of people do but personally I think its plain crazy riding and not being totally aware of your surroundings. I've tried riding with only one earphone in and it's ok but so much of the music is lost that it's hardly worth it most of the time, until now...

...Skullcandy hooked me up with a set of the Full Metal Jacket for iPhone earbuds a few weeks ago and they kick ass! The sound is great and they come with 3 different ear buds as well as foam ones so they fit so snuggly that even with only 1 side in your earhole the music stays nice and clear whilst you listen for police cars coming up behind you to bust your fun-loving ass for not having reflectors on your peddles. The best thing about the iPhone model is that they have a built in mic on the cable so I can safely and easily answer the phone and chat whilst trackstanding at the lights which I have not had the need to do yet but one day it's going to happen and I will look flipping amazing, haha. The mic has a play/pause/skip button too which turns the iPhone into a usable iPod when you are on the bike.

Another great point about the Full Metal Jackets is that they are fully metal so they are really tough, the cable is real strong too which makes a change, it's also nice and long so the buds don't get yanked out every time you peddle like the pile of crap Sennheiser cx300's did which I had before these.

If you have an iPhone (or a Blackberry) then buy yourself a set of these if you wanna listen to music and talk whilst riding cause I don't think you'll find anything better out there. You can get them from cheaper than anywhere else. Be warned though that I do work there so if you phone up you'll have to talk to me :-p (Note: we stock the whole Skullcandy range at great prices, hehe).

If you do actually order something from Nucleus send an e-mail along with your order saying you came from here and I'll stick a Fixed Gear Wales spoke card in the package for you.


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